Above: prehistoric bluefin tuna vertebra

Pacific ID Client List (partial)

  • U.S. National Marine Mammal Laboratory
    (NMFS/NOAA), Seattle, WA
  • U.S. National Parks Service
    AK (Glacier) & WA (Olympic)
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department
    Anchorage AK
  • U.S. Forest Service 
    Juneau; Thorne Bay, AK
  • Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans 
    British Columbia and Quebec
  • Parks Canada
    Archaeological Research Services, Victoria, BC
  • Royal B.C. Museum
    Human History & Natural History, Victoria, BC
  • British Columbia Wildlife Branch
    Victoria, BC
  • Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Oregon State Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • University of British Columbia 
    Anthropology; Marine Mammal Unit
  • Simon Fraser University
    Biology; Archaeology
  • University of Victoria
    Earth & Ocean Science; Anthropology
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Alaska - Fairbanks
    Institute of Marine Science
  • University of Alaska - Southeast
    Fisheries & Ocean Science
  • University of Idaho
  • University of Wyoming
  • University of South Dakota
    Earth Science & Physics
  • Washington State University
  • University of Oregon
  • Portland State University
  • Westen Washingto University
  • Humboldt State University
  • Underwater Archaeology Society of BC
  • Yurok Tribe Fisheries
    Klamath, CA
  • I.R. Wilson Consultants Ltd.
    Victoria, BC
  • Bastion Group Heritage Consultants
    Duncan, BC
  • Traditions Consulting Services Inc.
    Victoria, BC
  • Golder Associates Ltd.
    Vancouver, BC
  • Heritage Research Associates
    Eugene OR
  • Millennia Research Associates
    Sidney, BC
  • Kutenai West Heritage
    Kelowna, BC
  • Larson Anthropological/Archaeological Services
    Seattle WA
  • Wessen & Associates.
    Seattle, WA 
  • BOAS Inc.
    Seattle, WA
  • Cascadia Archaeology
    Seattle WA
  • Historical Research Associates
    Missoula, MN
  • Kon Tiki Museum
    Oslo, Norway


    Top: wolf vs. Tahltan bear dog (modern)
    Bottom: cuts, prehistoric fur seal vertebra (close-up)