Above: prehistoric brown bear molar tooth (very worn) from Alaska

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Publications resulting from research & development projects undertaken by Pacific ID.

Page 1: Zoogeography, paleozoology, zooarchaeology and ostemetry: 1990-2012
Page 2: Osteometric and genetic analyses of extinct NW Coast and Northern BC dogs: 1990-2012
Page 3: Domestication and speciation theory: 1996-2012
Page 4: Major research reports: 1996-2012, plus recent & on-going collaborations
Page 5: Publications resulting from Pacific ID contracting activities (co-authored & other authors)
Page 6: Magazine articles on Pacific ID projects or principals (other authors)

Magazine articles and other media activities regarding Pacific ID projects or principals (by other authors)

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Top: prehistoric dog mandible, showing curved "coronoid processes"
Bottom: prehistoric bearded seal rear leg bone, with cut mark from butchering